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However, there was blood in the scene (you see blood spurt on to Angel’s face as his arm is chopped off) and overall, the scene is quite intense.

The MPAA told him, in effect, don’t push your luck and said that no, only the last version will count as an R.There was a time before pornography had tainted the rating that films could legitimately be released with an X Rating ( are two notable examples), but by the time the 1980s had rolled around, the X Rating was a kiss of death for a film that a studio felt would appeal to a broad audience.Like today, the easiest way for a film to get an X Rating was sexually explicit content.Universal was not ready to do either (although if it came down to it, they likely would have chosen the latter option). Robert Rehme, president of Universal, went to the hearing, with MPAA President (and friend to Rehme) Jack Valenti choosing to preside over the appeal.The head of the Broward County, Florida Organized Crime Division spoke out in favor of the film, film critic Jay Cocks read a letter of support from film critic Roger Ebert.

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