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DC DOE Determination Letter, May 31, 2013Washington, DC Certification of Commercial and Residential Building Energy Codes The Green Building Act of 2006 phases in green building in D. It requires Commercial buildings to be LEED Silver, and Residential buildings to meet Green Communities standards.

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In 2004, after a six-year effort to make building codes consistent throughout the U. Green Building Act, according to which the Mayor was to submit a comprehensive set of green building standards by January 2008.

S., the nation's three regional model code-writing organizations (BOCA, ICBO. These standards were not only expected to include the provisions of the 2006 IECC; starting in 2012, they were expected to require all commercial development of 50,000 square feet or more to qualify for LEED certification. City Council adopted new residential and commercial building codes that incorporate many energy efficiency and green building standards.

Because ECS is only one input to the framework used to estimate the SCC, updating the ECS alone may not significantly improve the estimates.

The report also recommends ways to change the IWG's technical support documents to enhance the qualitative characterization of uncertainties associated with the SCC estimates, which would increase the transparency of the estimates when used in regulatory impact analyses.

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