Who is thomas jones dating

He wanted other Catholic monks to see the bigger picture, too.

"But Father Thomas' ideas deeply divided his monastery," says Jones.

I finally cut out all movies, radio, operas, dating.

I had something to do that was much more interesting. I remember coming out of a chapel at Yale after kneeling for an hour.

I didn't want to go anywhere or experience anything else. That was the moment I really changed completely and my values became completely opposite to those of my beleaguered father.Looking back in time to answer that, Thomas says, "All I wanted was just to talk to God." He tells his own story: At five, I had a serious illness.I heard adults in the next room wondering whether I'd live.Starting with a thin undergarment, I added my usual white cotton turtleneck (I have nine). What was this priestly effect Father Thomas had had on me? The third layer was a navy lightweight wool turtleneck.

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