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Xtreme Kool Letterz shows up around this wiki as well, with titles such as Friends of Really Kool Sobriquet, and yes, this article.

See also A Villain Named "Z__rg", My Nayme Is, Names to Run Away from Really Fast (K ones are its own kind), Totally Radical (one result of marketers trying this), and more of the Naming Conventions index.

The most common substitutionz are: , though examples of this trope would probably not be considered legal words.

This can also extend to acronyms/abbreviations/initializations to make them more memorable, even if the chosen letter isn't, technically, the one in the original word.

(And back then, of course, semiliteracy was such a problem that many otherwise articulate people misspelled words, making this trope not only comical but also satirical.) In academic study of English, this is known as "sensational spelling".

"X-Tensible Markup Language," for example, is easier to remember by its initialization of "XML" than "EML".

"Leet speak" (or "1337") can be considered this trope played to extremes, where almost every normal letter is replaced by some form of "extreme" counterpart, which to those unfamiliar with the meme can vary anywhere from "slightly different" to "utterly unreadable," depending on how "hardcore" the user wishes to appear; it's believed that leet originated from the cracking community, which may explain why it's never spread beyond circles of computer geeks (and online gamers).

Ko se je igra zares začela, so jo tudi naličili, jaz pa sem sedela za njo in jo občudovala.

Vedno je rekla: 'Moje besedilo si si zapomnila bolje kot jaz! '« Selena Gomez je z igralsko kariero pričela pri sedmih letih, ko je dobila vlogo Gianne v televizijski seriji Barney & Friends.

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