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Of course, there are ways to do that without seeking sponsors.But, Wilcox said, if couples are set on a storybook wedding, maybe sponsorships could be a way to have their wedding cake, and eat it too.Over the last couple decades, Philly has knocked down stadiums named in memory of people and replaced them with ones named for companies — see Citizens Bank Park, which in 2004 went for .5 million in naming rights.

To travel between them all, one can use the Inde Go bike share, named for and made possible by an Independence Blue Cross sponsorship.

Americus Reed, marketing professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said it’s likely Gilbert and Grzybowski will find marketers ready to sign on.

After all, in the DVR era, companies have had to get more creative to reach consumers, and product placement on social media has been part of the solution.

Five months later, with the venue booked and the date set for June 2018, it’s no longer a joke: Gilbert, who works in public relations, and Grzybowski, a former reporter for WPHL-TV, are on the hunt for sponsors large and small, pledging to turn their marriage into a (one hopes) once-in-lifetime marketing opportunity for the right company.

They’re thinking company logos on every table, a decal on the dance floor, advertisements tucked into the wedding invitations — or, perhaps, a first dance brought to you by First Bank.

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They both grew up in the area and met seven years ago, while they were students at La Salle. But within two months of their move, both their mothers were diagnosed with cancer.

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