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We were at Bien Hoa Army Base until October 1969, when we relocated to Hue/Phu Bai.2-502 ACompany 1967 Infantry man Rankin Vietnam: pfc Awards: Vietnam Svc, Overseas Metal, and 2 Arcoms Dak To Where Served1: Dak To. Awards: gallantry cross with silver star, bronze star,cib.

This is only a copy of a page which is no longer active. Someone in our company spread the word and they were confiscated., in Vietnam in C-2/327 Infantry 101st Airborne, he served in Vietnam from January 10, 1970 until December 4, 1970.Don't know exactly where all photos were taken but could relate some/most of them to maps & unit history if available. I can't remember much, anymore, but Bob Hope stood in office and ignored all the enlisted men. Hill 88 Also much time humping the mtn areas just west of the coastal area.C Co, 1-327 1971 Phu Bai, Quang Tri, A Shau, FSB Bastogne I was a grunt with C/1/327 during 1971. I have his photo, though, and where is the Colonel's driver, Mac? 2-327 BCompany 1969 Phu Bai AO was mostly south of Phu Bai and north of Lang Co Bridge. 1-501 Recon ECompany 1969- 1970 Hue Phu Bai Quang Tri A Shau FSB Bastogne I was with Eco 1/501st Recon.My father had pictures of the following people: Dave Sandoval, Don Kirby, Dennis Utt, Ron Kenslow, Ed Mc Williams, Horn, Morris, Doghandler, Ralph Velasco, Sammy Gray, Jay Irick, Gary Way, Roger Long, Kerry Kitt, Allen Tinker, Ramos, Watson, George Mallinak, Doc Kelly, Danny Poole, Ron Smith, Mac Gregor, Terry Kasparian, Mike Rice, Bob Mattox, Sadler, Skinner, Lamburger, Puckett, Chico, Slick Wilhelmi, and Little John.Does any one have information on these people or know I can contact them?

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