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He whistled for Kippers and set about his nightly routine of feeding himself and his dog, a gorgeous tri colored Collie that was the sole surviving member of his family.After dinner he decided to take Kippers for a walk around the block a few times rather than just letting him into the yard.Perhaps he would get a glimpse of the new neighbors if they had arrived yet.As he walked out his door he could see that they had indeed arrived.Belle is a massage parlor in the Gangnam section of Seoul offering happy endings to foreigners and locals alike.

The car was covered in bumper stickers whose subjects varied from anti-government political statements, crude jokes, metal bands to warning fellow commuters not to cut her off.

Once the man leaves the customers in the room, they strip, wrap themselves up with the provided cloth, put on the provided slippers, then walk to the shower room down the hall.

In the shower room they rinse off in one of the stalls then brush their teeth in the sink.

The moving truck had left, and a glossy black convertible Mustang was parked in the drive.

Its backseat was piled with boxes and baskets but no one was around outside.

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