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Remember that it’s making 100,000 calls so even with the slow time in the out-of- process test it is still making over 5400 calls per second.The reason you won’t see big time improvements is that typical programs are making calls that require Inventor to do some work.The code below shows the test program with this optimization and drops the execution time from 74.8 seconds to 61.32 seconds. Here’s an optimization that’s limited to Inventor’s VBA. A single line of code like Another optimization is to use the For Each statement when iterating over the contents of a collection.I’ve seen much bigger differences in other programs. User Interaction Disabled = True Dim i As Long For i = 1 To 100000 Dim code As Long code = This Application. In Inventor’s VBA you access the Inventor Application object using the global This Application property. The code below calls the Locale property of the Application object 100,000 times and takes 74.8 seconds when running out-of-process. Below is a version of the same test program that uses For Each.For out-of-process programs, you can get this dedicated processing by using the User Interaction Disabled property available on the User Interface Manager object. Full File Name Next End Sub Here’s a slightly different version of the previous program with the differences highlighted.Setting the property to True will lock the user-interface. Calling this program 10 times takes less than half the time at 9.7 seconds.

You don’t always have the option to run in-process though.

The program below Iterates through all of the occurrences in an assembly and gets the name and filename of each one. Not a big difference from the previous sample, but the time saved will vary depending on which collection is being iterated through.

Calling this function 10 times takes 22.5 seconds in an assembly of 500 occurrences. Public Sub Get Occurrences3() Dim asm Doc As Assembly Document Set asm Doc = This Application.

The time that it takes for Inventor to do the work is the same regardless of in-process or out-of-process.

The difference is in the overhead of packaging to make the call land return the results.

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Public Sub Get Occurrences1() Dim asm Doc As Assembly Document Set asm Doc = This Application. Active Document Dim occs As Component Occurrences Set occs = asm Doc. Occurrences Dim Occ As Component Occurrence The reason using a For Each statement is faster is because Inventor knows you’ll be iterating over the collection so it can do some internal optimization to improve the performance.

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