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Chrome added support for this in v19, but removed it again in v24 because of "a number of areas for development in both the API and specific user experience in Chrome".

No other browsers currently support it, however a Java Script shim is available.

This configuration file can be used with grunt-modernizr to automatically build your custom version.

Just add it to your Gruntfile, and you are off to the races. Since we only look at the returned value from any feature detection function, you do not need to actually use a function.

Now you have to go back and audit your code, updating every single place that you are doing this check.

That is assuming that you have the time to find out about every feature update for every single browser. There is, and it is called ™, your code works there - automatically! The code ends up being similar, but much more clear to its actual intention A lot has changed since the last version of Modernizr. Instead, just head over to the Download page as you could have previously, and select the features you want to use in your project.

With this knowledge that Modernizr gives you, you can take advantage of these new features in the browsers that can render or utilize them, and still have easy and reliable means of controlling the situation for the browsers that cannot.

In the dark ages of web development, we often had to resort to ™?

Tests for all forms of webp support (lossless, lossy, alpha, and animated)..

This is handy if you want to add multiple detections in one go.

The keys should always be a string, and the value can be either a boolean or function that returns a boolean.

Modernizr.prefixed takes a string css value in the DOM style camel Case (as opposed to the css style kebab-case) form and returns the (possibly prefixed) version of that property that the browser actually supports. Modernizr._prefixes is the internal list of prefixes that we test against inside of things like prefixed and prefixed CSS.

It is simply an array of kebab-case vendor prefixes you can use within your code.

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