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I can see that these were really just heart-warming, affectionate acts.Disciplining Amelia was tough, because it made me question my own fairness constantly.There is no hiding, and it was precisely this loss of privacy that I struggled with at first. There was always a 3-year-old scrutinizing it and asking endless questions about womanhood. My adolescent vanity didn’t matter anymore, and it was pretty liberating to let go of.Inspired by my rapidly changing form, she would ask, "Why are your boobs massive and dark? I’d find her dressed in my tights and heels, pretending to read one of my books, reeking of my perfume.Within a few hours, I’d given birth to a screaming boy in the dining room. She had no fear or doubt about her brother, just total love and ease.This was a turning point for all of us; our family was united.I fell in love at 25 with Daniel, a recently separated single parent, who I’d known (and secretly adored) since my teens.His previous relationship had been turbulent, and his ex had left the country with her older children (from a previous relationship), leaving Daniel and their child behind.

At the time, these little acts of imitation irritated me, because I was so used to my things being only mine, but now I feel so guilty about that.

We decided to tell Amelia right away, since we wanted her to be as much a part of my pregnancy as we both were.

We watched endless You Tube videos of fetal development and laughed at the oddness of it all.

I was never against the idea of having children eventually, but I wasn’t determined to do it either.

I’d never considered that, one day, I would take on someone else’s child.

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