The importance of dating

Probably not, because his heart revealed his true appearance. In fact, the only thing you should do is sit back, pray, pursue a friendship and see what happens. There is no “the one.” However, God knows the full arc of time.

Conversely, there are times when the initial attraction isn’t strong, but getting to know the person makes him or her somehow look better. He makes marriages happen, and He has this situation under control.

Too often, life gets in the way and their relationship gets put on a back burner. Continued dating, even if it’s economical, still helps the couple feel like they matter to each other. No matter if it’s a quick coffee at Starbucks or an evening extravaganza.

Take the time each month to nurture your marriage by taking the lead and planning a date for you and your spouse.

Great dates involve communicating with one another, reviving the spark that initially ignited your fire, and developing mutual interests and goals that are not focused on your careers or your children. Dating provides a wonderful opportunity for married couples to stay meaningfully connected.A successful marriage doesn’t happen “just because”. We believe that having a healthy, growing marriage relationship requires friendship, fun and romance.And there’s no better way to encourage all of these things than having dates!People who have great marriages, have great marriages on purpose.They are intentional about what they put into their relationship.

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