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(And at companies where HR does handle this, it’s a bad set-up; this is part of a manager’s job.) I suppose it’s possible that in your case, they’ll treat the negotiations as you being a new employee rather than an existing one (since you’re currently a contractor) and potentially have HR more involved, but they really shouldn’t. Can I agree to train for a new job but back out if I get a more stable offer?

I’ve been temping at my company making X/hr for a little over a year now. One was a permanent position at my company that pays 1.5X/hr, and the other is a government agency that pays 2X/hr.

Then he made an offhand remark about it going through at the start of 2014.

This took me by surprise and I think I just nodded in response.

But more than that, I am wondering is it appropriate to ask your boss to complete your work. It depends on all sorts of factors, like the relationship with the boss, the person’s history, how urgent the work is, who else is available to help, and a bunch of other factors I’m probably not thinking of here.

I mean, if he should have gotten it done by now himself or it’s reasonable for him to get it done himself by the deadline, or if the deadline isn’t looming or inflexible, then sure, it’s probably ridiculous for him to ask you to help him finish.

I want to make sure that I remember to bring them up in the interview, given the opportunity.

Or is it better that I just speak off-the-cuff, even if I forget some important points/questions? You don’t want to read straight from them, but it’s fine to bring in notes to jog your memory and make sure you cover the points you want to cover.A delayed raise is still better than no raise, and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but six and a half months seems like a very long time to implement it. That’s less of a yes to your raise request and more of a “I can’t give you a raise now, but we’ll do one for next year.” I’d go back to him and say, “I realized after our conversation that you’d mentioned the start of 2014.I’d actually like to get an increase now, for the reasons we talked about.”When I was initially hired as a contractor, my rate negotiation was with HR, but with my boss’ input and approval.He says he is busy on an important deadline (which I am aware of) and since it’s only 5 records, if I can complete it.I am also busy with several projects but I can chip in if needed.

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