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Our speed dating events are quite popular and tend to fill up quickly.As we build our brand here in Denver, we’ll look to launch more unstructured events like happy hours, mixers, scavenger hunts, trivia or game nights, group dating, and more!We are now running What we have found over the years is that guys tend to be in the upper end of the age group and girls in the lower end.For example our "GUYS 23-32: GIRLS 21-30" group you will find approx 75% of the guys attending would actually be aged 26-32 and approx 75% of the girls would be aged 21-25. We do not offer dating events for our matches at this time; however, we have plans to offer such events in the future. No, tickets will not be available for purchase at our event locations.

Our structured events are a great low-pressure way to meet new people without having to initiate an interaction.We set everything up for you in group or speed dating mini-dates. Most of our events are for all ages and are typically grouped by 40 & under and 40 & over.If you are a couple years outside of an age range, please pick the range most comfortable for you.If you are tired of the online dating scene, in person events can be a great alternative.Our events are fun and give you a chance to meet people face-to-face to see if there is any chemistry.

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