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If you are using love to control someone, you are taking.

Even if you have already achieved the success that you always wanted, it wouldn’t be enough because you will always yearn for somebody whom you could share your issues and success. Professional matchmaking is made mainly for the goal of helping successful gentlemen to find their perfect match.

I am not sure how important the capitalization in russian language is, so maybe choosing the abbreviated russian form is tolerable either capitalized or not (if OP wants at all abbreviations).

Thanks, you chose a way of translation from English to Russian. But probably an accepted language (Java-8 and Java-pre-8 variants) would work.

These professional matchmakers can provide expert guidance that will permit you to meet with great women without wasting your time.

It isn’t just a time-saver, but also an extremely target-specific service to give precisely what you need.

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We’re all looking for the thing in the bottle, the “you just know” feeling.

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