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And it’s important to keep in mind – you are proving your intent not only to your new state, but also the state you are moving from – as well as any other state that may want to claim you for taxation.Depending upon your unique situation, different states will make better sense for different people.It also makes sense to establish as many connections near your new address as possible to prove your intent should it ever come into question.You need to also be aware of what the local laws are for the places you actually find yourself staying at and have connections to.

The more you can cut ties with any other state (especially the state you are moving from), the more you are expressing intent of establishing your domicile.But before selecting that address, you need to first select which state you want it to be in .Since your legal address is no longer dependent upon your physical location – you get to choose which state to declare your intentions of being domiciled at.But first, let’s talk about the difference between being a Resident and being Domiciled.This was summed up nicely by the New York appeals court: Residence means living in a particular locality, but domicile means living in that locality with intent to make it a fixed and permanent home.

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When contemplating becoming intentionally homeless and embarking on a life of travel, trying to muddle through all of these simple little details can begin to seem insurmountable.

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