Senegalese culture dating and marraige

Once the situation had diffused, we were left there chatting about the situation and what exactly had happened.My friend’s host brothers were outraged that this couple would have engaged in such behavior in the view of impressionable children. However, they said that if the couple had wanted to conduct such behavior in the same location, later on in the evening once all the children had gone, or even inside a private hotel room, that would have been acceptable.The issue is that stereotypically modern American culture comes with a lot of sexuality.

So, their attitude of sexuality does not come from a flat-out rejection of such religious rules.

The same applies to sexuality overall in Senegal, particularly among the youth: is the blatant sexuality expressed in modern youth culture just modeling America’s, without fully understand the sexual overtones?

Or is it a rejection of earlier societal attitudes about sexuality?

An example of the confusing muddle sexuality, faith, and modernity have created in Senegal is illustrated in a day at the beach last weekend.

I was at the beach with a friend and her host brothers, both of whom are college-aged.

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And, at the same time, while they are very accepting of heterosexuality, they have no tolerance for homosexuality whatsoever. I cannot figure out what elements of these youth practices stem from Islam and religion, what from tradition, and what from a change in youth perspectives from the older generation.

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