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But what’s it like for those with the confidence to chat up women in traditional circumstances? It’s not just ugly sisters and fat friends who attend these events. Maybe if you’re looking to improve your social skills, or you’re up for a unique night out.

That’s plenty of time for men to decide if they fancy someone, but not nearly enough to show a woman how awesome you are.Now, either the ration of females to males in Gosport is so uneven or this is a scam.Having read some reviews about Speeddater, it all made sense. went on a speedating event to find that they had only sold 4 female tickets and 10 male...(even thou they claim a 50/50 split).......told that i could get a free ticket for another event but will be charged £5 for the privalege.........absolute rubbish In just a few days I got like 50 emails and as many chat messages, obviously from scammers (unless 22 years old models are suddenly finding me attractive).Several of us who went together didn't receive the follow up prompt email for some reason. The website is fairly basic (and you need to use this for the post-event follow up) Verdict: Worth giving it a go, just remember to log in the day after your event and post your ticks...!Paid for a singles party with Speeddater in London and a speed dating event.

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Women typically need more time to tell if they’re attracted to a man.

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