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The King's Credential allowed him to transform into Zyuoh Eagle and fight with the Zyumen.

The five of them defeated the one who attacked Yamato's dimension, Deathgalien's Jagged, but Nalia made him grow giant, their Changers glowed to teach them how to summon the Zyuoh Cubes to fight the newly grown Jagged, and then their changers teached them how to form Zyuoh King, but Tiger and Elephant were out of the formation, to which Tiger responded "First come, first served? They defeated the Deathgalien and the Zyumen revealed their identities to Yamato, and told him they had no place to live in, so he offered his home, to which Elephant, (now revelated to be named Tusk), refused.

I'm also in the process of upgrading an early 90's Final Lap driving cabinet to be a multi-game machine.

My gameboy advance sp has a problem, when i put in the working cartridge the game boy sign shows up but the nintendo sign doesn't show.

Maybe the writer just wants to tug at the audience's heart in a way they couldn't with the rest of the story.

Whatever the reason for introducing it, love is a powerful weapon in storytelling that can also make the audience feel okay with abrupt, arbitrary sex scenes.

However, he was rescued by Bud who gave him the King's Credential, through which he transferred his Zyuman Power in order to heal him, When his good luck charm (which he didn't know was a stolen King's Credential) fell from his hand and rolled through the woods, he discovered a mysterious giant cube (the Link Cube) which has a slot perfect for his charm, he put his charm in it and saw himself unconscious in Zyuland.

Introducing himself as a member of Shocker, Shiomaneking attacked the Zyuohger trio, believing that, as they had the ability to track him, they would make excellent bases to create new cyborgs from.

However, like most weapons, a love story can be deadly in the wrong hands.

Sometimes, a writer gets so caught up in wringing every last drop of blood out of their romantic stone that they forget they have a compelling A-story to tell.

I had enough experience with Raspian/Raspbmc to know how to get the Pi up and running with Retro Pie.

I also had not previously dealt with the GPIO pins on a Pi.

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