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She knew nothing of half measures, nor was there anything half-heated or self-protective about her'.

There was little money, but Vernon and Gladys did their best to provide for their son, who is the center of their lives.For a while, he and Vester, his older brother, farmed together, raising cotton, com, soybeans and a few hogs.Later, he took a job with the WPA, a federal government make - work program during the Depression.Gladys sister Clettes married Vester, Veron's older brother. Few know it, but in the beginning, their roles were reversed. Vernon, eighteen months younger, originally dated Clettes, 'Yeah', recalls Vester, 'I dated Gladys a few times and Vernon dated Clettes. As I have always told you, I was too wild, in those days.So, Gladys quit seeing me and we quit seeing the Smith girls for awhile.

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