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“You … have to … say to yourself, ‘I will now tonight, because I’ve been in this meeting with two members of the Quorum of the Twelve, draw a line and I’m not going to step over it again to the pornography side.

I’m going to stay on the Lord’s side.’ ” Elder Oaks added, “Remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which assures you of forgiveness of sin and which offers you the opportunity when you call upon the Lord to get strength to confront every mortal temptation, weakness or inclination.” “I think the first thing is to distinguish between questions and doubts,” Elder Oaks said.

In addition to those present in Logan, young single adult groups in Mexico City, Mexico, and Lima, Peru, were linked into the broadcast, and members of the groups participated in it live.

When I say clutter I’m talking about all the technology that is available, all the things that can take your mind away from those quiet moments when you get the prompting that you’re seeking as you go through life.” “Keep a smile on your face! “This is a question we wrestle with all of our lives,” Elder Oaks responded.Not one argument, we get on so well that we are planning the rest of our lives together.So thank you, and if you've read this wondering if you should give internet dating a try, I'd say go for it.Hosted by students at the Logan, Utah, Institute of Religion and emanating live from the Morgan Theater at Utah State University, the 90-minute question-and-answer session was carried to hundreds of thousands of locations in Church institutes and other venues across the world via internet feed on the Church’s website, Facebook page and You Tube channel.“We send our love across the oceans, the mountains and the electronics to all the world,” said Elder Oaks, bringing appreciative chuckles from the live congregation.

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You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try.

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