Outlook name cache not updating

The Lync address book process can be very vague about the locations it collects the information from and the priority it applies to conflicting information.

When information is changed in AD it can be very frustrating for administrators when it is updated and shows the new information for some but not others.

My next step in the solution was the Restore Defaults on the

After performing this step, and waiting on the process to finish, I again ran Update-Cs User Database waited for it to complete, ran Update-Cs Addressbook, deleted the local address book files; Gal and Gal idx.

Additionally you may need to refresh the local cache or just close SMSS and reopen it.

I verified the entry had been updated by running the SQL select statement again.

Well that is mostly correct, as it required 3 of the above resolutions in the correct order to resolve the issue. To create the issue this seems to be the process of events.

I edited this entry directly in SQL using the command Update dbo.

Ab Dn Mapping set [Ad Dn] = ‘CN=username, CN=Users, DC=domain, DC=com’ where [Ad Dn] = ‘CN=username, OU=Disabled, DC=domain, DC=com'; If you have an error running the SQL statement, be sure you database selected is rtcab and not something different like Master.

Lync 2010 would almost always show the old information and Lync 2013 would sometimes show the old information and sometimes show the updated information.

I started the troubleshooting process as such: This is a screenshot (edited) of the incorrect information in the Gal file: Below is a screenshot (edited) of what the updated information should look like in the Gal file after the fixes, later in this article, are applied.

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