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I'm looking into some bigger academic scholarships at schools (Chancellor's, Governor's, President's, etc) and when they refer to admission average, is this in reference to the average they used when they give you an offer (i.e.for me, Grade 11 marks) or will this be based on your final grade 12 marks?OE1 Primary/Junior OE2 Junior/Intermediate OE3 Intermediate/Senior OE6 Primary/Junior (French as a Second Language) Before applying, you must read all of the information about the Teacher Education program provided on the University of Ottawa’s website.Once we receive your application from the OUAC, we will send you an acknowledgement email that includes a user ID and password to a u Ozone account where you will access the “Statement of Experience”, which you must complete and submit online.At this point I know I am interested in biology, chemistry, biotechnology. Just because I have siblings who applied 5-6 years back and they were able to get acceptances a month after applying. o R do they not do that anymore because it's too competitive? As of midterm, first semester, I have a 93 in anthro/soc/psych, a 92 in American history, a 95 in fitness and a 60 in chemistry (I'm having a very difficult time, but am starting to put in a greater amount of effort.) I took grade 11 English second semester of grade 10 and only got a 70, but I plan on taking grade 12 English in the summer going into grade 12 (as long as I don't have to redo chem) and I know I can likely pull off a 90.

I am working on my OUAC 105D application (science). Can you select biology and switch to chemistry/biotechnology ? I was wondering if they gave out acceptances because first semester marks are final?Would really appreciate any info you may have on the Biotechnology programs at these Universities -especially typical first year courses ( same as first year science? There isn't much info about this program on the website(s). Ottawa seems to combine this with their chemical engineering program (? I'm very confused on how early admission works and how much grade 11 marks are weighted in on admission overall. (probably just Trent, lol) Hi all - I have 1 bad mark out of 7 classes this year. Can someone tell me wether or not this 7th bad course will affect my application?I was under under the impression universities look at top 6 so my 7th wouldn't be looked at.

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I applied to Biomedical sciences and Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I also applied to Mc Gill's faculty of Kinesiology.

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