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The reality of a new relationship can never compete with the fictionalized mythic ex- you create in your mind.

Even long before you start dating again, you have to de-idolize the ex- and the relationship and see it clearly for what it was.

Strictly between us: Although the Twins by far have MLB’s worst record, there were more fans seated in Minnesota’s luxury seats behind the backstop, Saturday vs.

..you know that in your case, they're 100% wrong, you’ve found the one and only person who can be with you and you’ll never ever find anyone ever again. Here’s some ways I’ve seen to deal with this issue.

First, recognize that your breakup pain-stricken brain is what’s driving you to think this way. Everything in your brain is programmed to force you back to the person who rejected you, to do anything to be back together, to think it’s literally impossible to survive without him/her.

If you’re the one who tuned in to watch players on the practice range rather than hitting shots that count in a still wide-open major, Saturday’s coverage was just for you! Studio host Holly Sonders fulfilled the same conspicuous role she fills for Golf Channel: Wearing short-length, full-view (front and side) tight-fit outfits designed to give men the shanks. Well, she knows the score, FOX knows it, we know it: It’s irrelevant.

FOX — no foolin’ — aired five straight minutes of Dustin Johnson hitting wedges. And, as per TV’s silly golf habits, too much long-form verbosity, embroidered talk spoken to sell an audience on watching what it already was watching. Poor Jim Palmer: Baseball has passed the Hall of Famer right by.

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