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Magistrate Elizabeth Hall said the charges against Rova were serious and easily detected by Taskforce Argos."This is a serious and shameful charge against you," she said."It seems there is not an unacceptable risk and I'm going to allow you bail."You're not to approach any point of international departure."In a statement, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirmed the man was detained after being granted conditional bail."The safety and protection of the Australian community is a high priority for the Australian Government," a spokesperson said.

But Rova's lawyer Remy Kurz said those risks could be ameliorated by surrendering his passport."He has a tourist visa which allows him to remain in Australia until February next year," Mr Kurz said."Should that be revoked he'll be placed in immigration detention."Mr Kurz said his client could reside with his cousin who lived in Australia.

The court heard Rova visited Australia regularly due to his job as a flight attendant and he had no prior criminal history.

He appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning where he applied for bail.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Matt Kahler opposed bail saying Rova posed a flight risk and risk of reoffending.

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