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Campbell, who is an adult, is being held at a jail on a ,000 bond.Keontae Brown, 16, (bottom left) Goshey, 14, (top left) and Thomas, 16, (right) died around 4am.He called the three teens who died 'prolific offenders' and said the incident was 'an unfortunate continuation of the epidemic of juveniles engaging in the deadly game of auto burglary and auto thefts', WFLA reported.Adults who knew the boys said they warned them that their reckless behavior would end in tragedy, all before Sunday's accident.The stolen car then flew into the air, hit a billboard and rolled down the road before it burst into flames.Melendez was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be fine, WTSP reported.

Campbell and Kaigler, the teens inside the Sebring, eventually abandoned the car and ran on foot. The three deceased teens all have extensive criminal histories, with one who was released from jail as recently as last week.

Gualtieri said the teen in the hospital and the two in custody are expected to be charged, the Bradenton Herald reported.

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Keontae Brown's younger brother Keondrae, 14, was also in the car but survived after the vehicle was launched into the air before bursting into flames in Palm Harbor, Florida on Sunday morning.

They were allegedly playing a 'cat-and-mouse' game with Kamal Campbell, 18, and Deyon Kaigler, 16, who were in a second stolen car, police said.

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When the officer approached, they drove away and the deputy did not pursue them.

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