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Award winning actress Kimberly Elise was married to Maurice Oldham in the year 1989.Shortly after getting married, Kimberly gave birth to their first daughter, Ajableu Arial Oldham, on March 16, 1990.If you didn’t catch the full discussion, watch the full event here. Actress Kimberly Elise typically is pretty private about her personal dating life.Just getting a date with Kimberly Elise is very tough, even for famous movie stars!She is very selective and she rarely dates someone outside of her acquaintances. That’s what my mother did to me and that’s what I am going to do for my daughters”, the actress reportedly said.In past interviews, she has eluded to dating someone, but she didn’t reveal who he was until now.On her Instagram page, Elise revealed the man who has her heart.

Kimberly has two daughters, Aja and Butterfly Oldham from her marriage with Maurice Oldham.Then 8 years later, on October 19, 1998, Kimberly gave birth to their second daughter, Butterfly Rose Oldham.Reportedly, there was no turmoil in their relationship and everything was going smoothly.https:// H9MDl4W/ After 10 years, it’s refreshing to see that Kimberly Elise has found love again. ” C’mon now, y’all know I couldn’t end this without throwin’ back to one of my favorite movies, ” Set It Off.” For The O’Jays, “Christmas just ain’t Christmas, without the one you love.” However, for thousands of kids in New Orleans, La., Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the real life Black 7th ward Santa. READ MORE Singer, Rihanna, called for gun violence to end as she shared that her cousin, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, was killed at the young age of 21.The Barbados native mourned his death, by sharing several photos of him on ?

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It appears that Kimberly has found love again, after experiencing a devastating loss of her first husband.

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