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Skype can help students practice a foreign language with new friends from other countries.

Or you can come up with creative collaborative projects that students from different classes can work on together, like writing songs together or having a debate with students from different backgrounds, all over Skype.

Inevitably, students will have difficulties and questions outside of class time when the teacher’s not around to ask.

Many students would benefit from some extra tutoring time with the teacher, but there are only so many hours in the day and most teachers feel overworked already.

You can give students the assignment of doing some research and coming up with questions in advance, so they have an opportunity to interact with the expert and learn more.

This can take a lot of different forms depending on the subject you’re teaching.

You can have them summarize what they got out of it in a paper, short video, or podcast.

Or ask them to create something related to what the expert discussed, like a piece of art that would fit into the collections at the curator’s museum.

Teachers can seek out connections with classes around the world, or even at different schools in the same area, as a way to give students a glimpse into cultures and lifestyles other than their own.

Of the ideas on our list, this is probably the one that’s most in use already.

Sickness is always going to be a part of life for students, but with Skype, they never have to miss a lesson again.

It’s revolutionized how people around the world communicate with each other.

Friends and families living far away now have an easy, affordable way to communicate.

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