Hookk up in namibia

Hitchhiking you will obviously have the freedom to get anywhere, but I am sure you can get stuck in some pretty remote areas in the desert.

Even though Namibia is a lot safer than South Africa, seeing a hitchhiking tourist is not common.

They have been travelling and photographing the world together since that day four years ago, recently getting married in South Africa!

Campbell Louw is South African and used to work as a research scientist with a Ph D in biotechnology.

Truck drivers also often pick up hitchhikers, but they drive mostly on main roads.

It thus won’t get you to most of the remote areas, which is the main reason for visiting Namibia!

It is easy to travel to many surrounding countries by bus.

The hostels had dormitories, shared kitchen, wi-fi and offered many activities.

Camping is the only affordable way to travel through Namibia.

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We travelled this awesome country for 2 months to write the ultimate largest country in the world, so it is quite big.

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