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*ONLY* if his "like" stats for that girl stays above 60 percent.He will be able to use the special ability ONLY three times without dating the girl again.Kiki Jenkins' jealousy: Be on the lookout while dating other women if you are dating Kiki.She is extremely jealous and you should'nt feel surprised to find out that she is having you watched while you are out with other women.Kate Mc Reary: You first meet Kate Mc Reary in the mission "Harboring a Grudge." She becomes date-able after the mission "Waste Not Want Knots." Her brother Packie Mc Reary calls Niko and asks him to ask her out.4.Date-able Characters’ likes and dislikes The following will list what each dateable girl likes. Introduction:*** Hello all and thank you for reading my FAQ on dating in the GTA IV world!If you fail to show up for your date, you will get a text message telling you that she is not very happy, and to be more attentive next time.

Like Niko deciding to punch someone out or kill someone while on a date. You first encounter her in the mission “Three’s a Crowd.” After you meet her, you have the option of calling her and asking her out, or waiting for her to call you. She is also unlockable after you complete the “Out of the Closet” mission. Alexandra Chilton: Alexandra is contacted via the website She is available to date like Kiki and Carmen after the “Out of the Closet” mission.After that the girl will insist that he takes her on a date before he can use the ability again.The following lists what each of the internet dates' special abilities are. This time around in GTA IV dating has it rewards in the forms of certain hidden abilities. It was simply a way that the main character could stray away from the story line and have a little fun.

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