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He couldn’t afford new pants so he couldn’t afford to get excited in these ones. ” Ed exclaimed as he pushed the cart down the aisle. Imagine my surprise to bump into you here,” the blonde said looking between them. “Ed was just released from the hospital this morning. ” Victoria said sweetly but the edge was still there. ” Ed gushed and the redhead looked at him in surprise then struggled to contain her grin. Rachel saw the woman’s cheeks pink up with a flush as he engulfed her hand in his. They reached the butcher’s counter and Rachel greeted the man standing behind it. Ed’s eyes bugged out when he saw the price sticker. I don’t want you to worry about the money Shirley took. Mishka stole a French fry from Heather’s plate then looked at her date in surprise as she ate it. Dinner wrapped up and hugs were exchanged in the lobby as they prepared to head home.He had to make an adjustment so glancing around to ensure the coast was clear he shifted himself in his pant leg. ” “Yeah, she’s a good friend to Grace and I love seeing Grace smile.” Ed’s face showed his joy then he yawned hugely. You take my breath away and I can’t think straight when I’m with you. They got into her sporty little coupe and Rachel drove them to a grocery store Ed had never been to before. “I don’t recognize most of these brands.” Then he caught sight of the prices. I need to keep an eye on him but we needed groceries,” Rachel said. She let him know how many guests she was going to have for a barbeque dinner. Rachel patted his hand and led him to the next aisle. She didn’t have access to all of our accounts,” Ed said. Mishka and Heather were the first to leave and Grace could tell it was going to be a good night for her friend by the attention the doctor was giving her.She had no idea the young boy was starving for the lost love of his mother and would take anything resembling affection. She had more of a nurturing nature than her mother and until she reached that age where boys suddenly became attractive, she would cuddle up to him on the couch to watch TV with him. He closed the lid again and gave her his full attention. She’d had an argument with her mother about something stupid as she left for school one morning. He saw men in suits and hardhats standing in a group looking at construction plans while the site foreman gave them an update. “I’ll be right back,” he muttered and exited the café to walk across the street. Then there’s the operational energy costs which would have been much higher. He looked over at Rachel and she instantly read his expression. It’s time to head home.” Rachel said with a no nonsense voice and the men stood back while the ladies guided Ed back across the street to collect the parcels from their waitress. Rachel drove and Ed squeezed himself into the small backseat so Grace could ride shotgun.

He did his best from that time on to avoid showering with the others either by being first or last. Edward gave himself a shake when he found himself dwelling on that old history. She quietly asked the waitress for the seasoned fries with her spicy steak.“Fuck, I guess we’re going to have to call you Mister Ed from now on.” When some of the players asked him what he meant he just told them to look it up. At home he moved his bedroom to the spare room in the basement. He gave her a grin as he was excited about Chef Renard’s enthusiastic acceptance of his seasoning.Edward recalled the look of disgust on the man’s face as he left the shower room. There was a small bathroom down there where he could take his shower without Shirley or Grace accidentally seeing him. He wasn’t completely clear on what the man was saying about scientific methods but the man was a chef and he was happy so Ed must have done something right. When Ed saw everyone was ordering salad with their steaks he placed an order for a large basket of seasoned fries.She did make efforts to keep him fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. I love you.” She felt her heart bursting and she hugged him tightly. It was a little tiring for Ed but the ladies seemed to be having a really good time. I’m sure it cost the company quite a bit but it would have been far worse had we installed them. This sounds like it would have been very costly.” “Yes, it would. I just called to thank him and to tell him to get better soon as we are going to be very busy.” “I’ll make sure he gets the message when he wakes up.” “Thanks. ” “More likely it’s because Ed was honest with them.” Grace shrugged. Rachel’s satisfied smile told him his response was just fine.Through the years he’d spent with her she’d often remind him of those efforts. Everything I’ve been through, everything I’m feeling, you get it. He recalled the days of playing dress up with Grace and supposed this was a lot like back then. Each of the ladies only wanted hugs as thanks for buying him the clothes and he ended up giving them a lot of hugs which made him happy too. I don’t understand why they told you it would be more cost effective. Grace entered the kitchen and gave them a knowing smile when she saw the pleased cat in the cream smile on Rachel’s lips.

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