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Town Disney is great FREE fun on a Friday and Saturday night!

By the time we paid to park ( no free parking ), hiked through Universal Citywalk to get to the ticket gates/entrances, then to the near back of Island’s of Adventure to get to Harry Potter it was almost 9am. We then left for other sections of the park which were fairly quiet and we didn’t experience any lines until 3pm, and that one was 30 min. Nearby was the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens – not only are there paintings and sculptures to view but artists scattered throughout the grounds – doing their thing – painting, drawing, etc. There is also his harp collection with one you can play on and if you follow the chart you can strum a simple song such as “Happy Birthday”.

You can visit: Jack Kerouac’s house here in Orlando Shop at one of the best record-stores in the South, Park Ave. Columbian Burger (near Universal) & Walk around Lake Eola in DT O Town and admire the swans and maybe even rent a swan boat. as far city walk and down town disney you can park for free..

orlando does not suck and as far as that comment goes if you arent a inside the box kinda of person then anything can be fun and intertaning but ya gotta think outside the box nina The Florida Mall is huge!! But you wont be able to just window shop, all stores have huge windows that are super tempting!

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