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Our primary concern has and continues to be the safety and well-being of patients in clinical trials and compassionate use programs.At this time, we are working to understand and address the questions raised by the FDA about the use of our therapy for cancer patients in individual compassionate use programs in clinics.A short description on their website describes the injection as a “Trojan Horse” that slips into cancer cells, relying on the fact that the body should recognize its own stem cells.

While vaping is said to be safer, there are still questions surrounding some of the additives used to give the oils their taste.

The FDA also plans to look at the many ways nicotine products are made more appealing, such as intriguing flavors and specialty products like premium cigars.

Some of the varieties especially attract younger audiences, and Gottlieb said that he hopes these new nicotine policies will ensure that new forms of tobacco aren’t implicitly appealing to children, and perhaps push children away from picking up the habit altogether.

Because viruses specialize in infiltrating cells, they are often used to ferry treatments into tumors.

Once there, they can either begin producing cancer-fighting compounds themselves or act as beacons for the immune system, which will begin to fight the tumor itself.

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