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The principle of being able to drive and easily surface park outside a store of your choice has proven very popular with the UK public.Just as importantly, this format also works well for retailers, with the latest examples being the Vangard Centre, in York, where we have Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Next all trading together along with a number of restaurants. They are generally found on the fringes of large towns and cities in accessible locations, and are aimed at car-owning households.To make way for this, we need to consider appropriate decking for parking cars, as additional land may not be readily available.The architecture should also be more varied and 'substantial' creating a warm and attractive sense of place.The UK’s retail park format has grown over the last 35 years and accounts for a significant amount of the UK’s overall retail floor space.

Many of the younger generation will not be able to afford to purchase their own home and will become serial renters, which will inevitably take a huge chunk out of the DIY market.Other uses could be considered on appropriate sites, such as residential or offices at the upper level.The aspiration would be to deliver a more rounded mixed-use scheme in tune with the younger generation.They watch TV and films via Netflix, they read books on a tablet or a Kindle, and their art consists of their bike hanging on the wall.What is clear is that they require excitement, and the growth of internet dating sites demonstrates that they get what they want when they want it.

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