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The ring of muscles around the vaginal opening contract during orgasm and may contribute to the intensity of an orgasm. This can be a matter of opinion based upon the input of a sexual partner, or one’s observations of vaginal tone.

Researchers have devised some ways to measure vaginal tone such as a pressure sensitive intravaginal balloon device, and ultrasound measurements of vaginal area (“pelvic floor”) muscle thickness.

One recent publication (Dean, 2008) reported on sexual function and pelvic muscle factors for some 2,800 women.Women with urinary incontinence had thinner pelvic floor muscles than women who were not incontinent.Will exercising the vaginal muscles make my vagina tighter?Additionally, they had less urine leakage – whether the problem was from stress or urge types of incontinence.The use of vaginal cones and/or Kegel exercises to increase muscle strength were both found to improve tone and decrease urine loss.

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