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Harry and Hermione find a baby girl on the grounds of Hogwarts and can they raise her together as a team.

Throughout their journey they will find out they love and care about each other more than they know about.

She and her brother ran away as soon as they found out what they where trying to do.

Running away and enrolling in Benjamin Rush High School she hoped they wouldn't find her.

When she crashes Greg down with her will he ever forgive her for not saying anything? Follow along While cleaning Morgan thinks about the past and she finally realizes she needs to tell Greg how she feels, unaware of the fact that Greg decided the same thing earlier.

There's just one problem: Greg doesn't show up for work that night and he's not at home either...

What will become of the two now that they are enemies? Jennifer Knight got two month old Katie and her six year old brother Kendall. Greg and Morgan go to a scene on the edge of the desert, but what they find could change them forever.I'll write for any character or genre, so please send me your ideas! Story 121: A child abuse case causes Greg to think about the dark side of his past he's never told anyone about before. Jealousy has always caused fun annoying problems among relationships. Morgan and Greg have feeling to admit to each other, but they wont. Can they overcome the jealous to find the love that's right in front of both of them? Now that decision has came back when she finds out that decision is breaking her apart.T FOR SAFEThe police department and crime lab are having a masquerade ball and everyone is invited. Now can she fight for what's right when everything comes crashing down?What happens when Morgan Brody wants a fun night out? Kevin Knight got two month old Kylie and the house in northern California. Their wildest dreams become possible as what they find brings them together. Tommy thought he would enjoy having his niece for the summer. When DB Russell and Greg Sanders investigate a crime scene, something happens nobody expected.The rest of the family went to Minnesota and the rest is history. This is a Morganders / Grody fic that talk about Morgan and Greg's story. English is not my mother language, so it is not perfect. But he soon realizes that his niece has turned into a teen and does not like to do the things she used to enjoy. Little does he know that Kim owns the business and the two have not talked in years and did not leave on the best of terms. Tommy stays with Kat even after Kim explains her reasoning for writing the letter. The others need to rescue them and while Morgan is doing all she can, it's only becoming harder for her. I couldn't really think of a good one...*When Morgan is talking to a victim at her crime scene, he recognizes her... Since she and Greg aren't dating, she's determined to find out why Greg told her victim she is his girlfriend.

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Living with her cousin Kira Ford and Aunt Hilary and Uncle Owen not know that she will be reunite with Tommy Oliver after 8 years of not talking to him or their friends. Tommyx Kim Jasonx Trini It's amazing how fast life can change.

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