Dating someone who is depressed

Too much too fast is a mood-killer, and it can sometimes read as being a little nuts?I’m not going to tell you about the time I left the country with complete strangers, either, and at least that makes me seem insane interesting.There are endless aphorisms about love and dating that get branded into our brains from a very young age. But the worst one is the notion that you must learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Because it fails to take into account histories of mental difference.It’s a turn of phrase without any nuance that serves to make those of us who are predisposed to feeling bad feel even worse.Suffering alone is not easy, but it avoids the embarrassment and grief that comes along with laying it all out there. It’s much easier to be a person with someone who loves you.It’s absolutely terrifying, but it’s worth the attempt.

Perhaps introduce the concept with a film or TV show later down the dating line and see how your person reacts. In recent history I’ve learned to use —it’s the most accurate portrayal of depression, at least, my depression, I’ve seen in ages and I’m not alone in thinking so.If you’re someone with depression who meets people online (tell me your secret? Location affects mood, and if you’re feeling anxious it can help to choose your meet-up spot: a café you love, a calming park, your local dungeon, whatever’s your thing.While transparency is crucial, telling someone you have depression too early (like, on the first date) is probably not the best move.After all, there are 18 million people in the United States who suffer from depression, and most of them are probably dating.There’s no secret to uncover here, other than dating is possible and love rocks.

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