Dating in the dark couples still dating

“It’s not like you’re with a boyfriend and you feel you have to perform very strongly for him. Knowing someone’s strengths and weaknesses can sometimes be a big disadvantage.”“We went in without any preconceived expectations of one another, so you keep an open mind,” says Tyler. If we’re doing a Roadblock, should I cheer him on, or is that going to bother him? This was an amazing social experiment.”“What do you do to get this person jacked up and ready to race and excited, or not afraid to do something that maybe will test their limits?

You’re doing it for yourself, which makes you do a better job than you think you can do, instead of turning to your boyfriend to say, ‘Help me with this! “Luckily we both got paired up with people who approach life similarly. I remember in Africa, we thought we were about to go skydiving,” says Tyler, “and Laura was getting nervous. At that point we had known each other a little while and figured it out. I love camping, I camp all over the United States, but camping in Africa was a completely amazing and incredible experience.”On their plans for the New Zealand and South Korea vacations they won on the race:“We played a really good game of rock paper scissors, and I lost, but Tyler’s still nice enough to let me take the trip that I want,” says Laura.

But, if their many Instagram pics of each other are any indication, I'd say they're in it for the long haul.

It was awesome.”On the season’s blind date twist:“We all took a big risk and leap of faith to sign up and show up on day one knowing that we weren’t going to know our partners until Phil said, ‘Ready, set, go!

’ But once we met and the race began, we felt we were in a good place,” says Tyler.

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hard already whetted the network’s appetite for hot young singles getting it on and audiences were ready for more.

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