Dating during elizabethan era

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne on 17 November 1558, and so this would be day one, of the first year of her reign - Anno 1 Reginae Elizabethae.

The following 17th of November would be the first day of the second year of her reign.

The new calendar, known as the GREGORIAN CALENDAR, was adopted by most European Catholic countries.

In the Middle Ages, all of these feast days were excuses for a day off, Popish ceremonies, and general idleness.

To further muddle things, the English used the old Julian calendar long after the rest of Western Europe went over to the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

Due to the Papal origin of the new calendar, it was regarded with suspicion by the Protestant English.

The Julian calendar also celebrated the new year on the 25 March, rather than January 1st, and this continued until the Gregorian calendar was adopted.

The year 1752 which had officially began on March 25, was put back to begin on January 1st.

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To work out the year of the Tudor sovereign's reign, it is necessary to know the date of their accession, and in cases where the date has not been modified on original sources, to be familiar with when the Tudors celebrated New Year.

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