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Tyson was fined million and had his boxing license revoked. Fans thought it was a career-killer, but then Nas released the even more vicious response, “Ether,” which included calling his nemesis “Gay-Z.” Both songs are now considered among the biggest diss tracks of all time.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: woman gets internship; woman has multiple sexual encounters with president of the United States; president declares he “did … that year, including implying that she flew her private jet to meet him twice, “trying to be [his] new wife.” Mariah denied dating him — “I think I was probably with him a total of four times” — and the two have traded barbs ever since.

She initially filed a lawsuit against both the photographer and the magazine, but dropped the case to move on with her life.

By 1995, she was singing the theme song for , and, well, Waters was no longer feeling “comfortably numb.” The next year, Waters took the guitarist, Gilmour, as well as drummer, Nick Mason, to court to stop them from performing as Pink Floyd without him.

In 2015, a 50-year-old Griffin revealed he was finally 3 1/2 years sober, but he was not in touch with his father, who was arrested in 2007 for allegedly assaulting Griffin with a deadly weapon.

announced it’d be publishing scandalous photos from her past.

"We haven't had a really good example here of maturity,” he told the Associated Press.

These ice princesses were both at the top of their game when Kerrigan was brutally attacked after a practice for the U. The People’s Princess and her husband, Prince Charles, had separated way back in 1992, and the dissolution of the royal couple’s marriage was a source of endless fascination.

Griffin tried a wrestling hold on Ryan, who retaliated by knocking out his son’s two front teeth.

Shortly thereafter, Griffin was sent to a Hawaiian rehab for his issues with drugs.

They eventually made up and Waters has since admitted to regretting the legal battle..

Carson felt betrayed and banned her from appearing on his show, which his replacement Jay Leno continued through his tenure.

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Two years prior, she’d posed nude for a shoot at the photo studio she worked at under the promise that she would not be “identifiable” in the photos and that they’d never be released.

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