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I can't begin to describe how offensive I thought that was to all religions.I don't have any problem with Joe wearing a cross in the office or Ayanna putting a picture of her favorite Hindu goddess above her computer.He insists that they wouldn't be having sex, not even in the Bill Clinton sense, and that whatever happens, there would be no threat to our relationship.I suspect that both of those things are true, but I still wonder whether we should go down this road. Dear Conflicted, Having just read this interview with a former dominatrix, I can understand that even for the sake of marital harmony you'd rather not hog-tie your husband, put him in a cage with a bowl of dog food, or dress up as a cheerleader and kick schoolbooks out of his hands.If she's been in 20 accidents—many of them single-car crack-ups—there's something seriously wrong with this woman, and she needs a medical check-up.It's also discouraging that her insurance company and the department of motor vehicles would continue to allow her on the road.—Not a Christian Dear Not, I'm also not a Christian, but excuse me for being amused at your boss's idea of a menorah as an interfaith Christmas-tree ornament.

Out on the road are other people's grandchildren, and your mother-in-law is a menace to anyone she encounters.

My mother-in-law has been in more than 20 automobile accidents.

The vast majority were her fault, and many have been single-car accidents.

Letting him go might make your marriage happier because he won't be asking you to tell him how naughty he's been.

If you can trust that his visits are limited to playing out scenarios that make you gag, then just think of it as therapy with a whip.

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But you—and the entire family—should do something to protect the public.

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