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But Discord remains at the top of the heap for a simple reason – it's a well-constructed piece of software that benefits from the same word-of-mouth ubiquity that defeated other tech runner-ups like Bing, Google Plus, and the Zune.However, Citron also chalks up his success to his tangible, life-long personal history as a gamer.But we never did anything specific to go after that audience. It's been awesome."In a lot of ways, Discord brings to mind a pre-Facebook internet, where lonely weeknights were routinely burned stalking anonymous AOL lobbies.In 2017, it feels like our offline and online personas are inextricably melded.But there is something inherently escapist about a discrete Discord channel, like a secret patch of wilderness where you and 55 other lost usernames find common ground over Persona 5."Sometimes I make references to AIM when I talk to older people," says Citron."There was just one of those moments where we were sending an IP address to each other where we were like, ‘this is stupid.' So we had the idea where we said 'what if we just rebuilt this with modern tech, a beautiful UI and smooth out all the the points of friction?'"Those gripes would eventually turn into Discord – a free, intuitive desktop app that automatically populates with every channel you've joined.

They gather to discuss Persona 5, and particularly, Makoto – the mousey student council president and party member who transforms into a power-metal diva on an ethereal motorbike once she enters the cognitive realm. There are no expansions on the horizon, and no leaderboards to conquer. Think of it like Slack for gamers; a way for anyone to host a surreptitious, invite-only chat room for any community, no matter how specific or perverse. Those 55 users post hand-drawn photos of their favorite kawaii high-schooler and adorn each image with beaming, hearts-for-eyes smiley faces, or more crassly, the eggplant emoji.

That might all seem outrageously niche, but it's working. In May, shortly after the service's second birthday, that figure eclipsed 45 million.

The service sees 200 million messages posted a day and a staggering 16 petabytes of voice chat data going through its servers every month.

It's like we're bringing it back to how it used to be."My wife and I went on our first date to an arcade.

All my best memories are spent playing multiplayer games.

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