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"Yeah, people got hurt," he nods when asked about the production's expenditure on Band-Aid and Nurofen. So for me it's as if it exists in another universe that doesn't have much to do with me. I guess it's bad taste." To more tasteful matters, then. Even the Paula Abdul video." (Pause) , in which Fishburne is currently wowing Broadway as the King Of England and given, too, that Fishburne is in the company of Albion's finest movie magazine, the imposing actor feels dutifully obliged to state the debt he owes to the greats of British thespianism. "Bad motherfuckers, man." Though there is a keen sense of humour lurking beneath the brooding exterior, it is fair to say that nobody does mean and moody better than Fishburne.

"It was, ' He's pulled this, he's pulled that... And when you have to visit that universe, that's what you deal with. What, pray, is occupying Reeves' spare time these days? I'm used,to that." Why Keanu should be particularly used to mud must remain a mystery for there's no time to find out. "Peter O' Toole, Richard Burton, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, lan Holm," he lists. And, since declaring several years ago that he was to cease being hailed by the flippant moniker "Larry", Laurence Fishburne ("Fish" to his mates) has employed his talents to such effect in films like , which has provided him, perhaps surprisingly, with his biggest commercial hit to date.

It was a period in which any of the actors could have fitted in another movie.

Instead they spent every day at a specially designed training centre being hoisted around like so many living marionettes.

The way that the characters speak and what they say. It wasn't what I call a 'climbing a mountain' thing, you know? "That's why they wanted the actors to do the fight sequences.

" He gestures towards an imaginary Himalaya just beyond the coffee table and adopts a pompous voice. Helicopters hurtling into glass- sided buildings and erupting into walls of flame. So they could pull the camera back and you could always have a sense of place.

The result is that Reeves' career has taken a hiply eclectic route with low-budget "independent" (though he hates the phrase) movies, presumably to prove his acting chops, alternating with the big-budget summer popcorn fare. "There are no plans," he protests, seemingly genuinely appalled by the idea. You can have a wish or a desire or a want or a hope. So I want to be able to work in both of those." But haven't the popcorn flicks of late been less than intellectually challenging. ' "You know, I've had friends who work in independents who say, ' Well, we've got this great script but they want us to get an actor first.' HELLO ... "Never, hahahahaha," he cackles, shaking his head violently to the side.

He's just off the blower to some far-flung publication as part of the press round for can attest, as irritatingly good-looking in real life as he is on the screen.

Today he's dressed head to foot in black with a slightly "distressed" V-necked t-shirt completing the ensemble.

Agent Smith is fighting Morpheus in the bathroom and they punch. ' They just had to do it." Reeves would also find himself enjoying the wire-fighting. "That fall where I jump from the building, that was like a 35-foot wire-jump. Does it bother him that he's the main draw at Dogstar gigs? That's not so bad." It's a treat that awaits thousands of Brits this year as the band will be playing Glastonbury for the first time. "It introduces you to this really amazing concept about alternate realities.

They just had some guys and a machine dropping me upside down. You know when you start to think of something and then you think of all these other things But, er ... " if Keanu is slightly wary of being labelled "film star", the world's tabloid press -has had no problem at all with the concept and Reeves has been the ungrateful recipient of some of their wilder speculation. It deals with a great many spiritual teachings which have run through human consciousness for centuries.

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"There's the mountain and we're going to climb the mountain. And in terms of the story, something is being acted out.

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