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“In my view it should not be easy to do something as massive change your gender,” she said. I wouldn't like to impute motives to her but what I would like to say though is that it is profoundly unconservative and conservative with a big C and small C implies continuity with what has gone before.

“And the law is there to protect us, normally from other people, but also sometimes from ourselves. Pressed further on whether she was suggesting Ms Greening’s sexuality and personal experience was affecting the policy of the Government, Ms Douglas replied: “It’s a possibility.” She continued: "But I’m not going to suggest anything I don’t know.

Meghan Markle has barely been out of the headlines recently — and all because of the man in her life, Prince Harry.

Though they've reportedly been dating since July 2016, they hadn't made a public appearance together until Monday, when they attended the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Born in Los Angeles, she is best known for her role on the legal drama "Suits," in which she plays Rachel Zane.

From meeting political leaders in Rwanda to enjoying a British Sunday roast with a You Tube star, read on for the incredible jet-setting life and accomplishments of Meghan Markle.

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We really led the way on that “I think what Justine Greening has announced with regards to updating the Gender Recognition Act is something that many people, including medics, will welcome because the current system is woefully out of date and medicalises a system that should be very administrative and personal.

If you've listened to Dan Savage's sex advice podcast, you've probably heard it.

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Raines hiked in the West, played competitive tennis on grass at Germantown Cricket Club, and rode horses in Fairmount Park.

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