Acorn intimidating voters

The DUP’s hardcore would rather eat grass than connect economically to The South.

They don’t care that all their claims about Brexit are fantasy or that over the past 18 months one by one has dissolved into thin air.

In effect it replaced the old Maryfield structures established under the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement which guaranteed the Irish government an input into The North.

The new British-Irish Agreement of 1998 replaced the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

Just look at the average income in The North, €23,700 compared to The South, €39,873.

The Republic’s industrial output is 10 times bigger than The North’s but its workforce is only 2.5 times bigger.

It is deeply concerning, therefore, to discover that about 1,000 files have gone missing after being removed by civil servants.

In 2013, meanwhile, the Guardian revealed that more than 1m documents that should have been declassified were instead being unlawfully kept at a high-security compound in Buckinghamshire.Many Britons have grown up believing their homeland saved and civilized the world, while atrocities, genocide and human rights abuses often go unmentioned.Successive governments have failed to narrow this knowledge gap, whether by setting up truth commissions, establishing a museum of colonialism or teaching schoolchildren about colonialism as part of the standard curriculum.The relevant section in the GFA runs to nine paragraphs.In the absence of devolved administration here, the BIIGC meets regularly as it did during the period 1999-2007.

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